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This board is a game changer!

The NLS 37 is a 4 ply deck with 360 concave throughout the entire board, even the tail! It has a comfortable concave with very aggressive rails to keep you locked in and a mellow w concave in the middle of the board to make the board even stiffer. With wheelbases from 20 13/16" - 26" and really snappy tail, this board can do it all. Setup with some Caliber trucks and Earthwing Charger Wheels, you'll be a very happy camper. This is a very experimental construction, mold, and process. The materials are amazing, but hard to work with. Pressing the extreme bowl shapes, and 360 degree concave stresses the cores in a way where you will see some splits in the cores here and there. This is supposed to happen to form the concave. Although the performance, and integrity are 100%, visually some of these may seem like a blemish. This deck is not intended to be a pretty wall hanger. They are intended to win races, and out perform other decks, and they do. You may also see some small chips in the wheel wells from the CNC. Again the material is very difficult to work with, and it is unavoidable at this point. We are learning as we go. It is pressed under extreme high temperatures, and pressure, so the bonding agent fills any voids completely. Any splits in the wheel wells are smooth to the touch, and are actually stronger than the wood core itself. It's not glue or resin. It's basically welded together with a structural component between each layer. Most of the skaters who buy this are in it for the performance. Anyone who is in it for the look should probably buy something else. The customers that look for performance are amazed with NLS, and it has exceeded their expectations across the board.

Earthwing NLS 37" slim 9.5"

Tracker sixtrac 161 mm. silver trucks
Abec 7 bearings

Earthwing wheels slide a 65 mm. 58d


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