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Cruiser Mini - White (Maple) - Burned Devil

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Custom Edition . Hand burned by Joris Mous

Inspired by 60s and 70s vintage street surf cruisers. From the beginning of skateboarding till today, skaters have been re-shaping decks. Skateboards are used in a variety of ways, cruising the streets is one of them that has his roots back to the beginning. Here it is a classic mini deck combined with the comfort shape of a cruiser.

Skills or Skulls uses Oak and Hard Maple wood to create these solid shaped decks. With a clear varnish finishing for strength and durability this deck is for life, sustainable with an attitude.

Our custom 5 inch trucks and 78A Cruiser wheels you will get the surfer feel with the mobility of a mini skateboard.
With a bronze inlay of our Skills or Skulls Skateboards Trademark you'll be ready to hit the streets.


Solid deck
Material: Hard Maple wood
Size: L 23 inch W 7 inch / L 60 cm W 18 cm

Transparent Red 60*45mm 78A cruiser wheels

Aluminium stone finished 5 inch hollow kingpin / axel
Abec-7 Chrome steel Bearings
Inlay: messing skills or skulls logo

Custom edition:
Custom hand burned by Joris Mous
Unique and one of a kind artwork.

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