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The Earthwing NLS 40'' Longboard Deck sports some serious innovation!

Crush-Weld Process: The decks are pressed one at a time in an aluminum mold for tight tolerances under heat, and tremendous pressure. There is no glue involved here, the core is bonded with a structural element. The bond is stronger than the core material itself, so delams are a non issue. The core is pressed between a fibrous material that Earthwing call Unbeleivium. This material can be designed with flex patterns, so they designed this with unusually rigid torsional support. This is the holy grail for anything fast. When everything is said and done, this 4-ply core deck is stiffer and stronger than a typical 9-ply without all that weight. Because of the process and technology, Earthwing were able to press a full 360 degree concave. The deck holds more than 96 oz of water! The core actually corrugates itself in the kicks under the pressure because it has no place to go. One other cool thing about this process is that it is 100% clean and green, recyclable, and made in the USA.

Earthwing NLS 40"

Gunmetal magnum 10" 50º black trucks
Abec 7 bearings

Earthwing wheels, Ultra glide 70mm 78a, red

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